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Sherin Moustafa is a classically trained pianist with over ten years of teaching experience. She specializes in classical repertoire ranging from the Baroque Era to Modern Contemporary. Sherin is also well versed in theatrical, popular and secular music.
    Sherin instills a strong musical foundation in her students by emphasizing proper technique, sight-reading, ear training and music theory. She is also an administrator of Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, Royal Conservatory of Music Development Program and Arizona Study Program. These programs utilize comprehensive lesson plans of piano study designed to educate and motivate piano students of all ages to strive for musical growth and excellence. These programs are optional, but are highly recommended.
    Performing is an integral part of musical development. Sherin provides her students with many performance opportunities throughout the calendar year. Public performances, both in solo and ensemble, are offered several times a year through the Arizona State Music Teacher Association activities and Sherin organizes studio recitals for families and friends to attend.
    Learning piano can be a difficult task, especially on a mediocre instrument. Sherin’s spacious studio is equipped with a professional studio quality Kawai grand piano and comfortable waiting area available for parents and/or guardians to observe piano lessons.

Guitar, Bass & Drums:

    Instructor Matt Friedland is a multi- instrumentalist proficient in guitar, bass guitar and drum set. Having this unique combination, along with training in arranging, composition and music theory, allows Matt to provide essential insight into how each instrument functions within a group setting.  
     Matt utilizes a number of resources when conducting his lessons. Excerpts from books, sheet music, handouts as well as practice audio tracks are all provided. Matt's comfortable teaching studio is equipped with guitar amps, drum set, audio and recording equipment. Lesson topics include technique, sight-reading and rhythm counting, music theory, composition, songwriting, arranging, improvisation, playing in ensembles/bands and recording sessions.
    Whether jamming on the blues or working on technique, performing with students is an important part of Matt's teaching style. The best way of learning is by doing. Staying interested and motivated are critical aspects to progressive musical development. Matt strives to keep his students engaged by customizing lesson plans to suit their ability level and musical preferences.
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